4Life Features New Scientific Publication on 4LifeTransform Burn® 3/2/2018
4Life Features New Scientific Publication on 4LifeTransform Burn<sup>&reg;</sup>
Salt Lake City, Utah (March 2, 2018) Recently, Pharmacognosy Research featured an article about 4LifeTransform Burn. The article focused on a study that evaluated the interaction of thermogenic foods on improving body composition during consumption of an unhealthy diet.

Pharmacognosy Research is a peer-reviewed, quarterly publication that intends to increase its readership’s understanding of medicines obtained from plants or other natural sources. The publication features articles on many types of products, as well as research on pharmacognosy and its related fields.

Chief Scientific Officer Dr. David Vollmer, Vice President of Research and Development Dr. Brent Vaughn, and Director of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Dr. Paula Brock authored the article and oversaw the study. The article is part of the Research and Development department’s ongoing initiative to publish open forums so that scholars and scientists can access the research behind 4Life Transfer Factor products.

Dr. Brock: “At 4Life®, we believe in supporting our products with highly-credible science. The full 4LifeTransform Burn article is free and available online. This publication focused on the mechanisms of action in the product and its effect on the body. 4LifeTransform Burn acts on our natural fat-burning process, or thermogenesis, to stimulate fat loss. We designed and managed the studies, but they were performed by an independent laboratory to reduce any potential bias.”

4Life is committed to research, development, and publication of the company’s scientific findings and knowledge base. This recent publication joins many other company publications in Biochimie Open; Nutrition & Metabolism; Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism; Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition; and Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.

4Life has 24 offices around the world to serve a global network of independent distributors and their customers.

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