4Life Colombia Builds Homes for Needy Families 3/23/2018
4Life Colombia Builds Homes for Needy Families
Salt Lake City, Utah (March 23, 2018) 4Life Colombia joined Foundation 4Life to build four homes for low-income families. More than 100 distributors, 4Life employees, and volunteers came together to build the homes during a two-day period.

Vice President of Service Catherine Larsen: “The magic in this project was that no one had to participate. Employees partnered with distributors to go above and beyond. They not only gave their money, but they also gave their entire day. It was hard work, but nobody complained. These homes will benefit generations, not just the recipient families. This is the beginning of something beautiful.”

The homes were built in Usme, Colombia and some of the components are made of recycled materials. Distributors donated labor to construct the houses and spent days fundraising, working with the volunteers of Catalina Muñoz Foundation.

Service Ambassador Jenna Lisonbee: “The 4Life family comes together through acts of service around the world. During this specific project, distributors became closer friends and bonded together. One must serve others to get that kind of bond. It was very special for me to see—watching their relationships grow deeper through service.”

Distributor leaders in attendance included Gold International Diamond Norma Rocha and International Diamonds Abigail López, Julieth Galeano, and Lorena Vega. 4Life employees in attendance also included 4Life Colombia General Manager Nao Lau, Marketing and Commercial Manager Mónica Salas, Human Resources and Public Relations Chief Mónica Gómez, and Marketing Coordinator Nathaly González.

4Life has 24 offices around the world to serve a global network of independent distributors and their customers.

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